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Our Vision

Ours is a Village whose residents appreciate the freedom and health that come to us as a result of living in this peaceful, quite, subsistence community. Recreational opportunities are limitless. We are supported by a strong commercial fishing industry, and both private and tribally-owned businesses that provide job opportunities for every family. Our clean and beautiful natural environment, the slow pace, and a strong sense of community spirit provide our community a home that could only be found in Ugashik, Alaska.



Tribal Members!  Please remember to contact the UTV office if you have moved - we need your current address and phone number!  You can contact the office by email: or call the office at: 907-338-7610

If you would like to join our tribe we do have requirements when determining eligibility status of members such as you don’t belong to another native affiliation, you can show proof of a C.I.B. and last we need a have a copy of your birth certificate. Once you qualify you may be eligible for programs Ugashik offers to members, please don’t hesitate in contacting our office.

Alaska Regional Office Bureau of Indian Affairs 3601 C Street Suite 1100 Anchorage, AK 99503-5947 Telephone: 907-271-1734 Toll Free: 1-800-645-8465 Fax: 907-271-1349

Juneau Office Bureau of Indian Affairs PO Box 21647 709 West 9th Street Juneau, AK 99802 Telephone: 907-586-7177 Toll Free: 1-800-645-8397 Telefax: 907-586-7252

Enrollment Committee

  • Cheri Pingree
  • Hattie Albecker
  • Daniel Pingree, Sr.


Yup'ik Eskimos and Aleuts jointly occupied the area historically. This Aleut village was first recorded in 1880 as "Oogashik." In the 1890s, the Red Salmon Company developed a cannery, and Ugashik became one of the largest villages in the region. The 1919 flu epidemic decimated the population. The cannery has continued to operate under various owners. The Briggs Way Cannery opened in 1963. The village has a small year-round population.

The Ugashik-Peulik volcanic complex lies south of Becharof Lake and east of Upper Ugashik Lake. Late-Pleistocene caldera formation at Ugashik volcano was followed by the emplacement of at least 5 Holocene lava domes within the 4.5-km-wide caldera. Most of the caldera walls consist of basement sandstones of Jurassic age. Following caldera formation the small, 3 cu km Peulik stratovolcano grew 2.5 km to the north to a height of 1474 m, more than 500 m above that of Ugashik. Lava flows from Peulik cover the caldera rim to the south and extend to Becharof Lake, 6 km to the north. A small lava dome at 1200 m elevation on the east flank of Peulik was the source of a small block-and-ash flow. The summit of Peulik volcano contains a 1.5-km-wide crater breached to the west that is partially filled by a lava dome. Debris-avalanche deposits cover a 75 sq km area to the NW. A single documented historical eruption took place from Peulik volcano in 1814.

Our Staff

Steven Wounded Deer Alvarez
UTV Tribal Administrator

Clementine Shangin  Tribal Administrator Assistant

Dolli Kinslow 
IGAP Assistant

Daniel Pingree Jr. 
BBEDC Liaison 

Alicia Active 
IGAP Coordinator 





Tribal Members





Job Announcements


Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation

 BBAHC is advertising for a EMT 1 position in Ugashik Village this summer.  Here is a link to the BBAHC website; , just click on the "Jobs" tab to view the EMT 1 position in Ugashik Village, as well as other jobs in the area. 

Title Emergency Medical Technician I
Location Ugashik
Department CHAP
Pay Range Contract
Description The purpose of the job is to provide efficient and immediate emergency care to the critically ill and injured within the limits and training of an EMT I. Under the Licensed Independent Practitioner directives provides quality effective emergency care management, prepares for emergency transport to ordered facility, transfer of information and patient care. Dates will be outlined in a contract.
  1. Must be high school graduate or have GED certificate or equivalent.
  2. Required current EMT I certificate and BLS card from the State of Alaska.
  3. Must have 2 – 3 years’ experience in providing EMT I services within the State of Alaska.
  4. Prefer ability to speak local native language.
  5. Dependable and maintains confidentiality.
  6. Prefer Bristol Bay Region full year-round resident.
  7. Must successfully pass the pre-employment drug and alcohol screening.
  8. Able to provide 24-hour emergency coverage in assigned Fish Camp for full contract time.
  9. Able to perform the physical demands of the job.
  10. If assigned to a specific fish camp, recommended by the Traditional Village Council of the assigned fish camp.
  11. Must be able to meet physical requirements of responding and provide emergency care all hours of the day and night to all patients, includes travel by air, four-wheeler, and skiff/boat by water.
Essential Functions

Functions as an EMT I in responding to urgent and emergent care of injured patients within the EMT I scope of practice. Stabilizing patients and in contact with Medical Direction for medical advice and/or Medivac Services.

A. As an EMT I, contractor representing BBAHC CHAP Department:

  1. Functions in uncommon situations
  2. Provide basic emergency care for the ill and injured persons as described in the Scope of Service. All care provided will be within the medical limits and training of an EMT I.
  3. Responds timely to all emergency situations ensuring Scene Safety first.
  4. Understands Basic Medical Legal principles.
  5. Position does not entail routine or preventative care.
  6. Completes required paper encounters on First Responder Patient Care Run Sheets within 24-hour time period with listing of every encounter on a Daily Medical Log to be submitted at the end of contract period to the CHAP Office.

B. Cooperates with other BBAHC employees and CHAP staff to ensure quality patient care and documentations.

  • Treats and greets all patients with dignity and respect.
  • Keeps accurate well-maintained health reports in the form of run sheets.
  • Coordinates the services to ensure safe medivac transports for patient and medivac team.
  • Keeps well organized emergency equipment and maintains inventory with phone orders completed to the CHAP Office.
  • Consults with an approved primary care provider (referral Physician or Mid-Level Practitioner) for all patient encounters.
  • Coordinate with BBAHC supervising Physician to arrange patient transport when required.
  • Maintains confidentiality concerning corporate business and finances, employee relations, and patient information. Reliable and maintains ability to perform job functions.
  • Complies with all State and Federal regulations and laws.

USA Jobs

USAJobs has multiple job openings throughout the United States with several openings in Alaska, please click here for the USAJobs website.

There are several positions with the BIA in Alaska!

Realty Assistant Generalist - GS 5

 This is a lower level position the incumbent could use to gain experience in Realty at the BIA.  The incumbent would perform general administrative duties related to Realty.  They would also work with directly with landowners and beneficiaries.

Realty Assistant Generalist - GS 5-7

 This is a lower level position the incumbent could use to gain experience in Realty at the BIA.  This position offers the opportunity to work upward toward a GS-7.  The incumbent would perform general administrative duties related to Realty.  They would also work with directly with landowners and beneficiaries. 

Realty Specialist Conveyances - GS 7-11

 This position is for someone with general Realty, Title, or Native Allotment experience, or a person who meets the educational qualifications.  The incumbent would perform research and put together conveyance packages for landowners to convey their Restricted Native Land.  (Examples of conveyances include sales, gift deeds, subdivisions.)

Realty Specialist Contracts Mgmt. - GS 7-11== two openings

 This position is for someone with general Realty, Title, or Native Allotment experience, or a person who meets the educational qualifications.  The incumbent would perform research and put together contracts for landowners to encumber their Restricted Native Land.  (Examples of contracts include leases, rights of way, revocable use permits.)

Safety and Occupational Health Mgr. - GS 12

 This is a mid-upper level position perfect for someone with experience in the Health and Safety field.  The incumbent will be managing the Safety Program for the Alaska Region.  They will be responsible for on-site inspections as well as the coordination and processing of any Office of Workers Compensation Program (including Tort claims activities).

Realty Assistant Contract Mgmt. - GS-5-6 (Fairbanks)

 This is a lower level position the incumbent could use to gain experience in Realty at the BIA.  This position offers the opportunity to work upward toward a GS-6.  The incumbent would perform general administrative duties related to Realty.  They would also work with directly with landowners and beneficiaries with a focus on contract management. 

Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation

Currently there are quite a few Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation job opportunities availalbe!  An excellent benefit package is available to regular full/part time employees. BBAHC is an Equal Opportunity Employer operating under the Alaska Native and American Indian Preference in Hiring provisions of PL93-638. 
Pre-employment drug screening required.  A completed background investigation and determination that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria of the Alaska Barrier Crimes Act and, where applicable, the Indian Child Protection Act, are prerequisites to hiring.  A complete list of available positions can be found on the BBAHC website. For more information about any of these positions or to submit an application, contact the Human Resources Department.

Toll free in Alaska: 1 (800) 478-5201, ext. 6325
Direct: (907) 842-9325
Mailing address:
    BBAHC's Human Resources Department
    P.O. Box 130
    Dillingham, Alaska 99576  

Click here to download an application.


Tribal Members

Council Members

Hattie Albecker

Vice President
Daniel Pingree, Sr.

Julie Gaumond

Fred Matsuno

Member at Large
Daniel Pingree, Jr.


    March Meeting Agenda

Council Meeting Agenda

DateMarch 22, 2019                                 Call In:  1-800-528-2793

Place: UTV Office/Ugashik                     Conference code: 4508289

Start Times: 1:00 PM                              



Call to Order :  



President: Hattie Albecker






Roll Call:



President: Hattie Albecker – Vice- President: Daniel Pingree Sr - Treasurer: Fred Matsuno – Secretary: Julie Gaumond - Member at Large: Daniel Pingree Jr.






Staff Present:



·         Steven Alvarez, Tribal Administrator

·         Katie Payton, Finance Manager

·         Clementine Shangin, Administrative Assistant

·         Alicia Active, IGAP Coordinator

·         Daniel Pingree Jr. BBEDC Tribal Liaison

·         Dolli Kinslow, IGAP Assistant 






Accept Agenda:



Motioned by:                                         Seconded by:






Accept Minutes: February 28, 2019



Motioned by:                                          Seconded by:






Special Presentation: NONE






a)     Steven Alvarez - Manager’s Report

b)     Katie – Financial

c)      Alicia - IGAP

d)     Clementine - TAA Report

e)     Daniel Pingree – Liaison Report

f)       Dolli Kinslow – IGAP Assistant Report






Old Business/Follow-up Items:  



a. Audit Services proposal - Katie



b. Barge Sale Update - Steven



c.  Eddie Clark Projects - Steven



d.  2019 BBEDC Block Grant



e.  Win-Ray Disposal/Dan Magone - Steven



f.  Velocity Internet Services












New Business



a.  Tex-R-Us IT Services Contract





















Open Forum-Tribal Members:  Comments or Discussion






Next Meeting Date:  April  _   ,_2019 @ __1:00 pm_ ADT






Executive Session:



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   Time:                            PM




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 Village Update!

Currently the cannery building roof is being re-tinned!  Rumor has it, it looks great!  Pictures will be posted soon!


New solar panels on the equipment building!

And new batteries! 




Fish & Game

Messages from the Alaska Board of Fisheries

Subsistence Information - click here for the ADFG Subsistence Overview page where you can access other pages, such as; hunting and fishing with regulations and permits information and harvest and data reports.


The Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation has several health and wellness programs , there is a lot of very helpful information available on Diabetes, Environmental Health and Injury Prevention, and Health Education.

Diabetes Community Wellness Program:  

The Diabetes Community Wellness Program is committed to increasing diabetes awareness within the Bristol Bay Area. The program provides diabetes education to individuals with diabetes (Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational), Pre-diabetes, family members and community members.

The goal is to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for diabetes self management and to empower and encourage behavioral changes for optimal health outcomes and improved quality of life. The BBAHC Diabetes Community Wellness Program meets the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education as set by the American Diabetes Association.

Contact information:
Diabetes Program Coordinator
(907) 842-9579
Fax (907) 842-9382

Follow this link and you'll be directed to the BBAHC website and the Diabetes Community Wellness Program page that includes general information on diabetes, living with diabetes, self care, foot and eye care and many other helpful items.


The Indian Child Welfare Act - A Family's Guide

Click here for information, including some frequently asked questions.

Words to encourage your children!

  • I appreciate you...
  • Thank you for helping with...
  • I'm grateful when you...
  • You've really worked hard on ...
  • You're fantastic at ...
  • You make me proud when ...
  • You listened well on ...
  • You were responsible on ...
  • Spectacular job at ...
  • You excelled at ...

StrongHearts Native Helpline 

The StrongHearts Native Helpline is a culturally-appropriate, confidential service for any American Indian and Alaska Native affected by domestic violence and dating violence. Advocates provide Native callers with immediate support, assistance with crisis intervention and personalized safety planning, and resources based on specific tribal affiliation, location and culture. You can reach them at 1-844-7NATIVE (1-844-762-8483) Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. CST for support. StrongHearts is a partnership of the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center and the National Domestic Violence Hotline.  

Phone: 1-844-762-8483 | Website:


Click the links below for ICWA Information 

Please click on the below links for ICWA Newsletters, these newsletters contain important information for famlies.  For additional information, you can contact Irma Rhodes-King at

ICWA Winter 2016/Spring 2017 newsletter

ICWA Spring/Summer 2016 newsletter

ICWA Workshop December 30, 2015

ICWA Winter 2014/2015 newsletter

ICWA Summer 2015 Newsletter


Victim Services

The State of Alaska has information and can provide services and resources to help with domestic violence and sexual assault.  Please go here for those resources.  If you have any questions or need help, please contact Martha Analon at